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I have always wanted to learn French. I had interest in primary school but took a break in secondary school because of the teacher. Then I gave it another try in 2010 and reached the A1 level. I started learning with Hope's Language Step since March as a lower A2 but today, I would say that I’m a comfortable B2. Listening and writing were initially a struggle for me but with the needed support and regular lessons, I am now a whole lot more comfortable with both aspects.
Sana Eagle
From Dallas, USA
When I started, I could only do the basic introduction in French which really scared me considering the fact that I am planning on writing the TCF Canada exam. But my tutor has really been patient with me and at the same time pushed me to improve. I can now hold up a conversation in French. Although I struggle sometimes and there are words I do not know, just like English. I sometimes speak slowly because I have to think in English and translate in my head in French but overall, I would say that its been awesome and I applaud myself for the progress made so far.
Zasha Swan
From Australia

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