1. General

1. Our Language classes are delivered online through Skype with a ‘live’ teacher (not pre-recorded videos). 2. Our Language classes are delivered as a customized private lesson (1:1) or semi-private lesson (2:1). 3. System requirements to take our online Language classes: a computer, an internet connection (broadband or a good/stable wifi), a microphone, a speaker and a webcam (optional).

2. Payment

1. ALL classes must be PRE-PAID to a bank account designated by the company. 2. We can only start classes after we have received a solid Proof of Payment. 3. We accept the following modes of payment: Paypal, Bank Transfer and Western Union. 4. We can send you our Payment details after you inform us of (a) the package that you wish to purchase, and (b) your preferred payment option. 5. We must receive the exact tuition fees into our account. Add any payment transfer charges applicable; otherwise, this charge will be deducted from the total hours purchase.

3. Teacher

1. You are assigned one or more teachers who will work closely with you throughout the program. 2. If the assigned teacher cannot teach a scheduled class, we will assign a replacement teacher (if available) and the class will not be cancelled. However, if you prefer to reschedule the class with the assigned teacher, you can discuss with the teacher and agree on a day/time that is possible for both of you. 4. The teacher will teach and assist with homework and classwork during class time or outside the class depending on the preferences of the students and the availability of the teachers.

4. Break

1. The teacher is entitled to a short break after every 55 min of class. 2. Break times are as follows: 1h class: 5 min | 1.5h class: 5 min | 2h class: 10 min | 3h class: 15 min

5. Booking and Confirmation of classes

1. We only accept booking for pre-paid classes. 2. Our teachers will only teach pre-paid classes that have been booked in advance, minimum 2 weeks before the first class. 3. We consider a class booked after student and teacher have clearly agreed on the class days/time. 4. You are not required to book classes for ALL paid hours at once; you can do it in stages keeping in mind the Use-by date for the package you have purchased. 5. For classes paid but not yet booked, we cannot guarantee the same teacher/schedule for future classes. 6. To keep the same teacher/schedule for the NEXT batch of classes, pre-pay for it as soon as possible so that the teacher can book the slots for you.

6. Change in Schedule (Cancellation/Rescheduling/Postponement)

1.You are allowed to cancel/reschedule/postpone a class only if you send a notice informing your teacher, minimum 2 days before the class. 2.In case of extreme emergency, we accept the notice the same day but should be at least 4 hours before the class. 3.In case of no-notice, it will be considered as a no show, thus the teacher will not reschedule the class for another day/time.

7. Absence without notice

1. If you are absent without notice, your teacher will send you an ‘Absence without Notice’ email. The lesson hour(s) booked will be deducted from your total paid hours. 2. We do not provide any replacement/make-up class for cases of ‘Absence without notice’.

8. Lateness

1. Your teacher will send you a greeting message on Skype at the scheduled class time. If there’s no response from you after 5 minutes, the teacher will make a Skype call; after 10 minutes, the teacher will send you a Class Reminder email; after 20 minutes, the teacher will send you an ‘Absence without Notice’ email. 2. If there is no response from you after 20 minutes, the teacher is granted the permission to leave. 3. If you have informed your Teacher you will be late, the Teacher will wait for you on Skype and teach you for the time that remains for that booked class. 4. If the Teacher is late for a class, she will owe you the time lost and will make up for it in future classes.

9. Refund policy

1.In case the teacher is not able to hold lessons for longer than three days consecutively, the student can decide to terminate the teaching agreement. In this case, the management has to return the rest of the paid but so far not held lessons. 2.For any other reasons, refunds will not be applied.

10. Communication and Troubleshooting

1. We strongly recommend that you save our contact details and also add us to your Skype contacts. This will allow us to assist you promptly in emergencies. 2. We prefer all official communication in this order of preference: (a) Email, (b) Skype Chat, (c) Phone Call, (d) Skype call to the management. 4. We strongly recommend that you copy the management for all URGENT emails that require the immediate attention of our Management Team.


11. Agreement

The use of our services shall imply that you have read, understood and agreed to ALL our Terms and Conditions above.